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Every Jackson Watchband Calendar applies
Fast and Looks GREAT!

Applying your watchband calendar is a easy and fast. In fact, since it's easier to show you than tell you... we put the pictures right online for you to see for yourself!

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Once you've owned a Jackson
Watchband Calendar... you'll never do without one!
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Jackson Watchband Calendars look great on watches
and apply in a breeze!

<<< Step 1
Start by selecting the month and side you want to wear - Elegant Gold or Classic Silver. Carefully position your calendar over area were you want to apply it - near the dial of the watch. Jackson Watchband Calendars fit perfectly whether you wear you watch on your righthand or left.









Our Calendars are available is 2 popular styles-
The 'Oval' and the 'H'

Step 2 >>>
Once positioned, carefully wrap one wing of the
calendar around the back of the watchband. Our calendars will fit most popular watchbands.

Made of durable metal, our calendars are
both scratch-resistant and designed to last!

<<< Step 3...
Now simply wrap the remaining wing around the other
side of the watchband - securing it snuggly on the back. Hold the calendar firmly and flat against the band to
assure for a snug fit.

Each calendar is double-sided, so you can
apply it to show the elegant gold finish
or classic silver.

Step 4 >>>
Flip the watch over now and carefully squeeze the
wings down into back of the watchband. This will assure a rock-solid fit until you're ready for next month's calendar!
Order yours today!

That's it - you're done!

You'll soon find that Jackson Watchband Calendars are comfortable and durable. Each calendar is double printed
on both sides (with the same month) - so when the month is over - just toss it away! You'll never need to re-use the calender for a second month - something our competitors still haven't learned!

Order your Jackson Watchband Calendar today!

To order, simply print and fax or mail our Order Form to us for
immediate processing. This helps us keep your costs down - and assures
you that your order is processed fast!

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All our watchband calendars can now be ordered online!

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