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What makes Jackson's
Watchband Calendar so popular???

Our calendars are literally the finest watch band calendars available! We take pride in manufacturing a product that looks great on almost any watch, is easy to read, and
won't scratch your watchband - or your arm!

Once you've owned a Jackson
Watchband Calendar... you'll never do without one!

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Top reasons why the quality of Jackson Watchband Calendars is #1...
  • Our customers demand the best and won't risk damaging their watch on any other calendar!
  • Jackson Watchband Calendars have rounded edges everywhere so they won't scratch your watch or damage your watchband!!!
  • Jackson Watchband Calendars are double-sided in Silver and Gold... so you can wear it either way to match your watch, band and jewlery.
  • Jackson Watchband Calendars are pre-finished and sorted in their own carrying case - no need to break apart each month (making sharp edges) before applying to your watch.
  • Jackson Watchband Calendars are made of durable, finished metal that won't tarnish or wear with age.
  • Jackson Watchband Calendars are printed using a special, scratch-resistance process so your calendars are clearly legible and scratch-free.
  • Each calendar is very EASY TO READ - see the entire month at a glance. Our crisp, clean font style is perfect!
  • The beginning of each week is highlighted in reverse text making it fast and easy to find the date and week you need.
  • Each Watchband Calendar set is for a FULL-YEAR and comes with TWELVE different, double-side calendars... one for each month! This means you never need to re-use (and re-bend) the same calendar to wear again for the next month!
  • All Jackson Watchband Calendars include an elegant carrying case to hold the remaining months... slim enough to fit in your wallet... yet elegant enough to leave on your desk!
  • Jackson Watchband Calendars are available in your choice of two styles: "H" and "Oval".
  • Our "H" style features slightly larger lettering and will never twist on your watchband. Our "H" calendars are numbered for each month... a nice little touch.
  • Our ever-popular "Oval" style is slimmer, elegant and and applies perfectly every time! Great for slimmer bands and elegant watches.

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Calendar Style & Year
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Date watch calendar - Year 2023. Oval, color silver and gold, Item # 2020123 Retail $17.39 Sale Price $13.91 If You Order By June 25th 2022 Shipping And Handling Is Extra. The 2023 Date Calendars Will Ship On October 1st 2022, $13.91
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Date watch calendar - Year 2021. H shape, color silver and gold, Item # 2020220 Retail $15.95 plus shipping and handling charges. Sale price $2.98, $2.98
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Out of Stock - Date Watch Calendar Oval Shape, Color Silver And Gold, Calendar Year 2007, $0.00
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Out of Stock - Date Watch Calendar H-Shape, Color Silver And Gold, Calendar Year 2007, $0.00
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